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Armenian Ceramic Havdalah Set with Floral Design

Produkt ID: HVS-MS-93925
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Armenian Ceramic Havdalah Set with Floral Design

A colorful Armenian Anemones floral motif enhances this Havdalah set which boasts a tray, Kiddush cup, candlestick and spice box. The detailed, vibrant design is fit to bid the Sabbath queen farewell.

Material Keramik
Maße Tray 22cm Cup 14cm
Bearbeitungszeit: 2-4 Werktagen.
Die Bearbeitungszeit ist die zu erwartende Anzahl der Tage, die benötigt werden, bis Ihr Bestellung von unserem Designzentrum in Israel hergestellt und versandbereit ist.

Armenian Ceramic Havdalah Set with Floral Design

The Havdalah set is used on Saturday night in a short ceremony to bid the Sabbath queen farewell. The set consists of a tray, Kiddush cup, spice box and candlestick which are decorated in a colorful floral design that arrests the eye immediately. The tray is painted bordered with a blue outline which leads into the floral motif and then to the focal center. The center boasts a wreath of the seven species which envelop a Star of David and the Hebrew words from the Havdalah prayer which mean "to separate the holiness from the everyday". The Kiddush cup, candlestick and spice box contain the same floral motif which ties in the whole look together.

This Havdalah set can be used a decorative piece as well as during the wonderful Havdalah ceremony.

Bring a touch of art, history, culture and Jerusalem to someone's home with this lovely piece.

Note: Armenian ceramics are delicate and should be treated with care. Each piece is individually hand made with the ancient skill of mixing and shaping clay and water and then placing the object in an oven or kiln at a temperature of 1000°C until it hardens. The piece is then beautifully hand painted with metallic and oxidized paint, maintaining a natural color and then placed again in the oven at the same temperature. The finishing touch is one of fine glazing.

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