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Hammered Wine Fountain & 8 Cups - Hammered Texture & Colorful Rings

Produkt ID: KDF-EY-101379
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Hammered Wine Fountain & 8 Cups - Hammered Texture & Colorful Rings

A one of a kind wine fountain, featured in hammered nickel is featured with the fountain as well as eight cups. Both the fountain and cups are accented with a colorful ring for added drama.

The Hebrew word Kiddush means “making something holy.” Generally, the Kiddush ceremony means a recital of a blessing on sweet wine before a major festive meal. On Shabbat, the Kiddush is a transition from a stressful week to a magical day of respite from the daily grind. The person performing the ceremony, usually the head of the household, passes the Kiddush cup around so that those who are present may sip from the consecrated wine.

Kiddush cups and fountains make a lovely gift for a groom at a Jewish wedding or on Jewish holidays as Passover or Rosh Hashanah.
Material Nickel
Maße 10x8in 25x21cm
Bearbeitungszeit: 3-5 Werktagen.
Die Bearbeitungszeit ist die zu erwartende Anzahl der Tage, die benötigt werden, bis Ihr Bestellung von unserem Designzentrum in Israel hergestellt und versandbereit ist.

Hammered Wine Fountain & 8 Cups - Hammered Texture & Colorful Rings

This unique wine fountain is brought to you with eight cups. The entire set is featured with hammered nickel for effect. Colorful rings around the base of the cups and the head of the fountain can be seen for an added pop of color. This makes a wonderful gift for a loved one!

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