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Torah Pointer (Yad) - Hand-Painted Wood with Jerusalem Design

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Torah Pointer (Yad) - Hand-Painted Wood with Jerusalem Design

This hand-painted Yad (Torah Pointer) from Yair Emanuel adds to the extraordinarily beautiful experience of reading from the Torah. Designed with brass accents, this Yad features a colorful Jerusalem design. The arm of the Torah Pointer is crafted from hand-painted and lacquered wood, and the chain and the pointer itself (in the shape of a hand with an extended finger) are brass. The matching stand provides the perfect way to hold and display the Yad when it is not being used.

The Torah is the holiest book in all of Judaism. A Torah scroll like those in synagogues is hand-written by a scribe with special ink on a specific type of parchment, then placed onto two rollers and kept in the Holy Ark. Each week, a portion of the Torah is read out loud in front of the community, so that during the course of a whole year, the entire Torah is heard. Because the Torah is so holy, and to prevent damage to the parchment or smudging the ink, the Torah scroll is not actually touched while it is read. Instead, the Torah reader uses specially crafted Torah Pointer to follow along.

This Torah Pointer makes a particularly meaningfully gift for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.
Material Holz
Maße 1.6" X 2" X 9"
Bearbeitungszeit: 3-5 Werktagen.
Die Bearbeitungszeit ist die zu erwartende Anzahl der Tage, die benötigt werden, bis Ihr Bestellung von unserem Designzentrum in Israel hergestellt und versandbereit ist.

Torah Pointer (Yad) - Hand-Painted Wood with Jerusalem Design

Love of Torah and love of Jerusalem are two things that bind and connect all Jews around the world, and this magnificent Torah Pointer from Yair Emanuel allows you to experience both together. The Yad and its matching stand are hand-painted with a brilliantly-colored image of the Holy City of Jerusalem and the Western Wall against a deep blue night sky.

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