Armenian Ceramic Plate with Mosaic Fish & Bread

Armenian Ceramic Plate with Mosaic Fish & Bread


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Armenian Ceramic Plate with Mosaic Fish & Bread
Armenian Ceramic Plate with Mosaic Fish & Bread


Diameter: 8.66" / 22 cm

This colorful plate features the mosaic of two fish and bread found in the ancient Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes site in Tabgha and Ein Sheva by Northwest shore of the Sea of Galilee.

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Material Ceramic

This plate features the 4th century miraculous feeding of five thousand people described my Mark 6:30-44, just before Jesus walks on water. The Gospel account of the loaves and fishes does not specify where it took place; only that it was in a "remote place" on the shores of the Galilee. According to Mark's account, Jesus and his disciples had gone out in a boat to this remote place for some peace and quiet, but the crowds ran ahead "from all the towns" and met him when he landed. But then it was dinnertime and they were not in a village where food could easily be bought, so Jesus fed them all by miraculously multiplying his disciples' five loaves and two fishes.

This wonderful plate can be used as a decorative ornament or as part of a set with other ceramics to serve guests on special occasions.

Bring a touch of art, history, culture and Jerusalem to someone's home with this lovely piece.

Note: Armenian ceramics are delicate and should be treated with care. Each piece is individually hand made with the ancient skill of mixing and shaping clay and water and then placing the object in an oven or kiln at a temperature of 1000°C until it hardens. The piece is then beautifully hand painted with metallic and oxidized paint, maintaining a natural color and then placed again in the oven at the same temperature. The finishing touch is one of fine glazing.