“HaMa’alot” Tanakh (Hardcover)

“HaMa’alot” Tanakh (Hardcover)


Brand: Koren Publishers

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“HaMa’alot” Tanakh (Hardcover)
“HaMa’alot” Tanakh (Hardcover) “HaMa’alot” Tanakh (Hardcover)


This Tanakh features the 24 books of the Jewish Bible in a clear font with easily accessible books and has a blue hard cover that has Hebrew text on the front together with a white line pattern.

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Size 5" x 7.5"

This “HaMa’alot” Tanakh contains the 24 books of the written Torah in a clear font with new typesetting and has a thumb index for easy access to favorite sections. This Tanakh has Hebrew text complete with vowel markers and has a dark blue cover. This Tanakh’s cover features Hebrew text in white and gold that includes the phrase “For the Torah comes from Zion and the word of G-d from Jerusalem”, or “Ki Mitzion Tetzeh Torah U’Dvar HaShem Me-Yerushalayim”.
This item is a great gift for the budding scholar or Bar Mitzvah!