Yair Emanuel Hanukkah Menorah in Train Design

Yair Emanuel Hanukkah Menorah in Train Design


Brand: Yair Emanuel

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Yair Emanuel Hanukkah Menorah in Train Design
Yair Emanuel Hanukkah Menorah in Train Design


Anodized Aluminum

Size: 33.5cm x 8cm / 13.2" x 3.1"

Featured in a train design, this Hanukkah menorah is unforgettable. It is brought to you in a silver color with colorful candle holders. The Hanukkuiyah will captivate the children's attention as you share with them the story of Hanukkah miracles. Hanukkah celebrates two miraculous events, one being the defeat of the Jews over the Greeks. The Jews were persecuted by the Greeks and not able to celebrate their religion freely. The Jews were much smaller than the Greeks in numbers, but by a miracle they overcame this factor and won. The second miracle of Hanukkah is that after the battle, the Jews searched through their destroyed Holy temple to find oil to light a candle. There was only enough oil to last one day, but by a miracle it lasted eight days. These miracles are remembered and celebrated during Hanukkah by lighting one candle on the Menorah each night and reciting a blessing. One candle is lit each night for eight nights, using the tallest candle called the Shamash, to light the others. Make this Chanukkah menorah part of your family's traditions or gift it to your loved ones on any holiday!

Based out of his studio in Jerusalem, Yair Emanuel is well-known for his use of multiple media in blending modern motifs with traditional Jewish themes. Whether through hand-painted silk, muted metals or brightly painted wood, Emanuel's works are noted for their rich colors and original designs.

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Material Aluminium
Inspiringly designed, this Hanukkah menorah is featured in a classic train style. It is in a stylish silver color and highlighted by colorful candle holders. It is stunning!