Siddur Hebrew-English Nosach Spharad (Hard-Cover)

Siddur Hebrew-English Nosach Spharad (Hard-Cover)


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Siddur Hebrew-English Nosach Spharad (Hard-Cover)
Siddur Hebrew-English Nosach Spharad (Hard-Cover)


In hard-cover, this siddur includes the texts in both Hebrew and English side by side. The siddur exemplifies Koren's traditions of textual accuracy and intuitive graphic design, and offers an illuminating translation, introduction and commentary by one of the world's leading Jewish thinkers, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. It is an Orthodox siddur that follows Sphardic tradition that includes: prayers for the state of Israel, its soldiers and national holidays, and a halakhic guide for visitors; prayers following childbirth and upon the birth of a daughter; and modern translation. The siddur book is a Jewish book of prayers that contains daily prayers in a set order, thus the name ‘Siddur’, Hebrew for ‘Order’. A prayer for every occasion in Jewish life cycle and calendar,this siddur is a wonderful Bat Mitzvah gift! 1296p.
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Size 10.5cm x 15.5cm
This siddur follows Sephardic tradition, meaning its font and text are in accordance with this tradition. The book is an assembly of daily prayers in Judaism for Shabbat, weekdays, holidays small and national, commentary by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and special prayers for various occasions in Jewish life.